Friday, April 2, 2010

Lord Darkness

I finished this piece earlier this week as part of a project with the Brooklyn Super Hero Supply Co., an non-profit after school program that fronts as a super hero supply store. Its a really amazing store with plenty of supplies for all makes of superheroes, I definitely recommend a visit.
We were given a character description of either a superhero or a villain, written by one of the kids in the program, and asked to create the art to accompany the story. I was given "Lord Darkness".  He's "middle age but still suffers from childhood trauma (his parents gave him one crumb to eat every 20 months!) He travels in pure darkness and lives in his lair on Saturn."
This was definitely one of the best projects I've done in a while, and made something pretty different from what I'm used to making ... and used glitter- So very fun. You can't see the sparkle or layers too well from the scan (you can click the image to englarge), I collaged a texture for the background and then covered that with a layer of "gun metal" glitter, and then collaged over that. It was a good time.

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